Intra-articular Injections of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Without Adjuvant Therapies for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Study finds intra-articular injections of MSCs without any adjuvant therapies improves pain and function for osteoarthritis. Si Heng Sharon Tan, [...]

2021-02-02T16:00:09+00:00January 20th, 2021|Research|

Intra‐Articular Injection of Autologous Adipose Tissue‐Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis: A Phase IIb, Randomized, Placebo‐Controlled Clinical Trial

Abstract Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been the focus of an emerging treatment for osteoarthritis. However, few studies reported about [...]

2021-02-22T21:20:40+00:00March 30th, 2019|Research|
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