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We like our patients to know what to expect when they enter our doors. If you have questions, we’re happy to walk you through the process.

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Initial Office Visit Expectations:
  • Initial exams last 45 minutes or more. We want to make sure we have listened to your story and performed a thorough evaluation. Because of this, we will only evaluate up to two different areas at a time.
  • We will gladly review any x-rays or MRIs that you have already had on your injury.
  • We will perform a physical exam. Our hands and eyes are critical to your care.
  • In most instances we will also perform a diagnostic ultrasound to help confirm the physical exam and gain a better understanding of your injury. This helps determine the severity of your injury and your best possible treatment options.
  • We will provide an excellent educational session. Knowing that patients understand their injury and all possible treatment options is very important to us.
  • You will not feel pressured. We like to say, “The ball is in your court—YOU decide the direction you want to take for treatment.”

Procedure Day Expectations

Regenerative Cell Grafting
  • We review pre-procedure instructions with you by phone about 2 weeks before the procedure.
  • You will be medicated for pain and anxiety prior to your arrival. Typically, people feel relaxed and a little sleepy before the procedure begins.
  • We will bring you back and have you lay on your side. The skin over your posterior hip will be cleaned and prepped.
  • After an application of local anesthetic to your skin and bone, bone marrow is collected. Most people feel the pinch and sting/burn from the local anesthetic. Some feel a “toothache” type pain in the hip and thigh during bone marrow collection, rating it a 2/10 on a pain scale. Usually people talk or sleep through the process. A sterile bandage and gauze are then applied. This step of the procedure takes about 15 – 20 minutes total.
  • The concentrated regenerative cells from the bone marrow are then prepared. Your regenerative cell graft is now ready to inject.
  • The injured body area is cleaned and prepped. With use of ultrasound (much like at the initial visit), the injured area is located and more local anesthetic is injected. The regenerative cells are then injected under ultrasound guidance to ensure they are strategically placed. We treat regionally, meaning we treat all the areas of injury. This may require 2 – 6 injections per joint that day. Sterile bandages are then placed over each injection site.
  • Written post-procedure instructions are reviewed with you and a responsible adult. You are then released.
  • Most people are very sleepy afterwards. We recommend eating a snack or small meal and then going home to rest. More pain medication should be taken 3 – 4 hours post procedure unless instructed otherwise. Frequent icing is strongly recommended.
  • The first 1 – 5 days after the procedure can be painful. Taking prescription pain medication as directed will help manage your pain.

“I’ve had haircuts that are more painful! The procedure was so easy.”
– Branson, MO

“It’s miraculous how much better my arms and shoulders feel. I’m back to hanging sheet rock and cutting firewood. I basically do whatever I want!”

– Pomona, MO
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